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Autotrack Architecture Diagram   Version 1.20.0601
Autotrack software designed based on upgradeable Microsoft SQL server database. Autotrack Professional, Autotrack On Demand or Autotrack Enterprise edition comes free with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express edition. Based on existing server infrastructure, our customer can upgrade the database to the latest version of microsoft SQL database (2014, 2016, 2017 or 2019). In terms of SQL server edition, customers need to invest their own license if they would like to have faster performance and bigger storage capacity of data. Autotrack database is ready to be self upgrade from express edition to Microsoft paid edition (SQL standard or SQL Enterprise edition). SQL standard and Enterprise edition license fee is excluded from the Autotrack Software software license fee. You may also purchase the Microsoft SQL license from our Autotrack Sales Team.
Microsoft SQL server photo
Autotrack business logic develop in c sharp and stored procedure.
Interfacing between Autotrack with today's mobile device can be established via below 2 methods, 1st is via mobile web browsing to the aspx page directly. This is the most easy and convenient way for our existing Autotrack user while they purchase the Autotrack tracking solution. This direct browsing method does not incur additional cost when you purchase our autotrack license. For better interaction and functionality on mobile devices, Autotrack team offers additional customisation for our client in the enterprise edition. Our team will discuss with our client for the module available in the mobile device and develop into android apk.
Most of the tracking logic for autotrack software keep in Autotrack business logic manager class. This business intelligence is the brain for our Autotrack software, it handles all the data creation, data reading, data editing and data deleting in between the client and the database. The flexibility design makes it possible to be used not only with IIS web page, it also makes the software ready to be interfaced with the latest mobile device in the market. Our enterprise module offer you the flexibility to connect to Autotrack database via WCF services offer to your mobile devices.

Autotrack is using WCF to communicate in between Autotrack server and our client application on android mobile

Autotrack architecture diagram

Our architecture diagram gives our customer a better understanding of our software design and to have better confidence while investing into Autotrack tracking solution.