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  Autotrack OnDemand Temperature Tracking

Product Description:
Staff health is the most important asset for the company. During this critical Post Movement Control Period (PMCO) due to COVID-19 virus, every company and education institution may need to take additional measures for their staff and members after returning to normal working life. It becomes management responsibility to make sure their premises are fully secure and all their staff is free of COVID-19 virus. Autotrack understands the COVID-19 measurement system is complicated, however the most basic measurement we can implement is marking and saving staff attendance temperature once they reach the premises. The measured records will be automatically saved into the Database for future reference. At the same time, Autotrack will immediately email out the notification to the HR manager once anyone finds a fever. Daily reports will be generated for management monitoring and keeping. Autotrack understands customer security, our solution allows it to be run in premises as well as on the cloud. 

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