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  Autotrack Enterprise Asset Tracking

Product Description:
This edition of software is extended from Autotrack Professional Asset Tracking with enhance module added. Autotrack Enterprise Asset Tracking is designed to handle this unforeseen issue for the enterprise. Staff resign, change departments, not able to present to work due to whatever reason make the reminder become too personal. Center system should be located for the organization for tracking this important task. Autotrack comes with the reminder sending feature which allows you to set more than 1 reminder to more than 1 recipient to handle important re-newer of software license and service contract in order to make sure your organization operation is not interrupted. On top of this, Autotrack Enterprise Asset Tracking also allows you to track the physical asset in order to make sure the service of the asset is on schedule and able to be performed and responsible by the correct person in charge with prompt reminder.

Automated reminder system
Fully Web base access
photo enhancement solution

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