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  Frequently Ask Question Autotrack Software Overall  Version 1.20.0320
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Autotrack Product 
Autotrack Enterprise Label Designer
Autotrack Enterprise Work In Progress
Autotrack OnDemand Stock Take
Autotrack Professional Asset Tracking
Autotrack Professional Card Designer
Autotrack Professional Label Designer
Autotrack OnDemand Agriculture Tracking
Autotrack OnDemand Visitor Tracking
Autotrack OnDemand Temperature Tracking
Autotrack OnDemand Price Checker
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Frequently Ask Question 
Question: What is the different between Autotrack Professional, Autotrack On Demand and Autotrack Enterprise?

Autotrack Professional is our of the shelf product where by no customization required after you deploy the software. Our available Autotrack Professional include:

Autotrack Professional Asset Tracking

Autotrack Professional Label Designer

Autotrack Professional Card Designer

Autotrack On Demand is our customized software to fulfill the demand from our customer. We will customer made the software base on their requirement.

Autotrack Enterprise is our enhance version of Autotrack Professional software where by we will customized the software process flow base on customer requirement.

Question: What version of MS SQL license is required for the software- Express version or Enterprise version?
If your Autotrack use by more than 10 users concurrently, please use MS-SQL enterprise. This is because MS-SQL express support only 1GB RAM of data, the loading speed of data will be affected if 10 users concurrently load big amount of data for displaying. 
Question: Can the Autotrack system support 3 tier architecture (App/web/db server)?

For Autotrack Web application it support 3 tier architectures, which from web directly to business logic and from business logic access to database. Autotrack web application design with the user interface ( page), business logic (C sharp class manager), and data storage layers (MSSQL database).

For Autotrack Android application, the android application will access the business logic and the business logic will access to the database.

Question: Is the Enterprise version running on MS Windows server OS, MS SQL and IIS
Yes, Autotrack is running on  Windows server OS, MS SQL and IIS 
Question: What is the min requirements for the server and database?
  i. how many core processor - 2GB
ii. how much RAM - 1.75GB
iii. how much storage space - 20GB
iv. Min version for Windows server OS - server 2008 or windows 7 
v. Min version for MS SQL  - SQL server 2002 
Question: Do you have the installation manual and user/training manual?

Yes for standard version, additional cost for add on module 

read more about Autotrack Manual Writing service.

Question: What is the typical duration for installation of Enterprise version?
Installation 2 days max
Testing UAT - estimate 1 week
Testing SAT - estimate 2 weeks.
Testing and Training user - estimate 2 week.
Additional module - depend on customer final requirement, estimate 4 weeks.
Question: We will need to interface with Windows Active Directory.Can Autotrack do this?
Question: How is the license agreement for Autotrack? How many users can use the software?