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Welcome To Autotrack

Autotrack committed to providing customers and businesses to track the entire living and non-living thing by identifying their identity and location. Specialized in the most advanced ID tracking for human, we provide card printer to print identification card. Encode the ID card for specific building access to secure and strength security within the organization. ALC has helped organizations to track staff attendances by personalized Autotrack ADMS solution, and provide report summary to improve their productivity. Other than human, Autotrack do provide the identity for the animal and plant for agriculture businesses. Capturing the growing patent and process help agriculture industrial have a better understanding of the next plantation requirement. Using latest technology, Non-living thing able to identify by printing and pasting label with barcode label printer, direct part mark on the non-living thing or RFID tag and tracking from data capturing devices such as barcode mobile computer, barcode scanner, unattended scanning system and RFID reader. ALC has helped organizations especially in Healthcare and Logistics sectors to track inventory and analysis by using Autotrack Tracking solution.

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